Love is in the Water

There are happy couples all over the Aquarium—both human and animal. In honor of Valentine’s Day, may we present some garden eels and clownfish pair, just doing their thing!



WATCH: Garden eels live in colonies, each in their own sandy burrow. Watch one of the eels find its home moments after being introduced to their new exhibit. More information on the Exhibits Blog

Freak out.


Time Lapse Transformation

See 10 months of the Giant Ocean Tank’s renovation in just about a minute. We get chills watching this video. The big tank is the crowning achievement in the New Aquarium Experience.

Amazing look at a huge construction project for the Aquarium in Boston.


If turtles could smile… This is Carolina. If turtles could smile, she would be smiling. That’s because she’s home again. Just watch the video, you’ll understand.


Cuttlefish are not to be trifled with.

Press play to witness the powerful hunting abilities of the common cuttlefish. This footage is slowed down 20 times from what you would see with the naked eye. Learn more.


Super slow motion video: They change colors, they’re related to octopus, their name is cute. Cuttlefish are amazing! But seriously? You don’t know the half of it… WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW. More pictures and details

Store away this for your waking nightmares.


Underwater Sea Turtle Video: Go underwater with the sea turtles in treatment at the Aquarium’s Animal Care Center. Learn more about the record rescue season that’s just half over.

Dive in with rescued sea turtles… video

Kathleen O’Connor Ives takes a common sense approach to preventing nuclear disaster.  She’s clearly the right person to be the next Massachusetts State Senator, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my wife :)

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My wife … Kathleen O’Connor Ives is a candidate for State Senate in the First Essex District of Massachusetts! Loyal tumblr followers, please go like her campaign on facebook.



Visitor video: @codysignore shared an amazing video with us today. Thought you might like a chance to see just how hip and mysterious the Aquarium can be.

Now it’s your turn! Grab your camera and come visit. Let’s see what’cha got.

Ultra slow motion lightning bolt. Press play. Blow mind.

Just a boring fishing video until about :40.

Via @Mashable


Click play to see Leu the Northern fur seal pup playing with Sierra the California sea lion.

More about the video and links to more Leu photos and stories here.

Lana the harbor seal can’t let those headphone cords out of her sight. via @FoleyJennifer.


Crashing the party
Ever try concentrating on something with a 400 lb fur seal in the way? Click play to watch what happens when two young sea lions get interrupted in the middle of their training session by Isaac the Northern fur seal at the New England Aquarium.